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Fixed Pitch Vane Axial
Wheels are furnished standard of welded steel construction with spun steel hub and die formed airfoil blades. These industrial airfoil fan blades are heavy formed airfoil sections wider at the tip than at the root and of such a design as to create a completely new concept in axial-flow wheels. Running approximately 1/3 slower than the same size conventional design vane axial fan it produces the same pressure and volume. This 1/3 slower speed characteristic makes this fan the quietest vane axial fan on the market. If first cost is the main consideration then a smaller fan can be selected to run at the same speed as the conventional vane axial. Wheel cone is a heavy gauge spinning, conical in shape which adds to the fan's efficiency, low noise characteristic and strength. Streamlined cap protects internal wheel mounting parts and helps guide air to the blades in an efficient flow pattern. Catalogued in two different pitches (or two different models per fan size). Other special blade pitches can be provided to meet any job requirement.
Product Bulletin: VA
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Vane Axial Fans
Fixed Pitch Vane Axial Fan Applications
The Design 34 Fixed Pitch Vane Axial fans are commonly used in the following applications: paint booths, fume exhaust, lint collection, dust collecting.
Fan Options
  • Motor and drive mounting
  • Belt guard
  • Motor and drive cover
  • Access doors
  • Inlet or outlet cone
  • Streamlined spun inlet bells
  • Horizontal mounting lugs
  • Vertical mounting lugs
  • Screen guards
  • Companion angle rings
  • Design 47 wheel
  • Bronze tipped wheel
  • Variations in volume and pressure achieved with V-belt drive adjustment
  • Die formed steel airfoil bladed wheel
  • Steep pressure curve extends selection range
  • Two blade pitches maximize efficiency
  • External bearing lubrication / belt adjustment
  • Rugged industrial strength construction
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Sizes: 15 to 54-¼
  • Volumes to 108,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 5” wg
  • Temperatures to 160°F
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