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Controllable Pitch Vane Axial
Sensors compensate for changes in temperature, humidity, air flow, gas concentration or air quality by altering the blade pitch to increase or decrease air volume or pressure. Fan is ideal for VAV systems and for industrial applications requiring a constant environment regardless of air demand.
Product Bulletin: VAV
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Controllable Pitch Vane Axial Fans
Controllable Pitch Vane Axial Fan Applications
Chicago's Design 47 Vane Axial Controllable Pitch Fans respond automatically to signal source based on changes in temperature, humidity, air flow, gas concentration and air quality. While low initial cost, simple installation and operation make the Design 47 the best choice for variable air volume systems, they are also used in industrial applications to maintain constant environmental conditions regardless of air demand.
Fan Options
  • Streamlined spun inlet bells
  • Inlet or outlet cones
  • Wire guard screens
  • Mounting feet
  • Horizontal mounting lugs
  • Vertical mounting lugs
  • Companion angle rings
  • Access door in cone
  • Spool piece
  • Casing extension
  • Vibration monitor switch
  • Vary volume and pressure by manually resetting blade angle
  • High Efficiency airfoil bladed wheel
  • Stable air flow over entire performance range
  • Efficiencies over 80%
  • Compact direct drive configuration
  • Rugged industrial strength construction
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • AMCA certified for air and sound performance
  • Sizes: 1650 to 8075
  • Volumes to 260,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 20” wg
  • Temperatures to 150°F
Alternate Fan Designs
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