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Radial Bladed Fans
Pre-Engineered Fans for Dirty Airstreams, Material Handling
SQI Industrial Fans
Heavy Duty “LS” wheel exhausts harsh corrosive airstreams. Compact industrial fan with gusset mounted bearings to provide a compact arrangement. Temperatures up to 650°F.
ICF Centrifugal Fans
Industrial Centrifugal Fans with flat bladed wheel resists material buildup while maintaining balance. Heavy duty shaft and bearings. Temperatures up to 800°F.
Industrial Radial Tip
With rugged radial tipped wheels, the IRT is ideal for induced draft, industrial dust collection, and most harsh airstreams. The fan is available in belt drive Arrangement 1 and 9 configurations plus direct drive Arrangement 8.
Direct Drive Industrial Fans
High performance, trouble free fan. The Direct Drive Industrial Fan eliminates belt slippage and power loss. A quiet industrial fan as much as it is dependable, since there is no belt noise or troublesome belt maintenance. Temperatures to 180°F.
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