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Packaged Forced Draft Components
Many OEM systems are supplied with individual Packaged Forced Draft Fan components built into the equipment. Wheels, inlet volume controls, inlet cones, and housings are standard component parts available for customer installation. Only when you design genuine PFD components into your packaged units can be assured of Chicago quality, performance and reliability.
Product Bulletin: PDF-105
Operation & Maintenance Manual: Fan Kit Components
Packaged Forced Draft Component Applications
Chicago's Packaged Forced Draft fans are specified by the world's major manufacturers of boiler and burner systems. On the typical downdraft boiler installation the fan is mounted directly on top of the burner windbox. Chicago's PFD fans are also used extensively in combustion air, supply air and primary air applications. In addition, they are utilized for liquid agitation and product cooling and drying.
Fan Options
  • 1902,1903 or 1904 wheels 40 to 100% Width housing to match wheel width
  • 100% Width inlet cones
  • 72% Width inlet cones
  • Inlet volume controls
  • Aerodynamic airfoil wheels feature hollow blades with weep holes to prevent moisture retention
  • 40 to 100% width housing to match required performance
  • Inlet cones
  • Inlet Volume Controls are ideal for variable systems
  • Sizes: 2000 to 5414
  • Volumes to 120,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 58” wg
  • Temperatures to 800°F
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