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Custom Fans
Designed to meet customer specifications on per job basis for Forced and Induced Draft, Primary Air, Refinery applications, and more.
Airfoil/Backward Curved Custom Heavy Duty Fans
Direct drive adjustable pitch airfoil blades are precision molded from glass-reinforced resins. To achieve maximum performances and efficiencies to 70%. Propellers are furnished with three to twelve blades pre-set at the prescribed pitch, from 4° to 28°, and computer matched to available motors. Sizes 14 to 28, Volumes to 64,000 CFM, and Pressures to 2” wg.
Radial Tip Custom Heavy Duty Fans
A wide selection of radial tip wheel designs are available for forced and induced draft applications. Designed for handling dusty, dirty airstreams while providing excellent operating efficiencies. Typical installations include incinerators, baghouses, kilns, furnaces, and more. Fans are custom built in most arrangements, fully factory completed, and field erected fans. Volumes up to 1 Million CFM!
Pressure Air Fans (PA)
Heavy radial wheels are recommended for pollution control applications, such as continuous duty of primary air on burners, pulverizers, fluidizers and scrubbers. Options include abrasion and corrosion resistant construction materials. Variable widths and diameters provide exact performance with direct drive convenience.
API Fans
All custom fans are available with API 673 and 560 construction features to meet the stringent demands of the petroleum industry. Although fans are built for a variety of refinery applications, each one is individually engineered using one of 15 distinct designs to fulfill performance specifications and the unique demands of the installation.
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