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Backward Inclined Fans
Single-surface Bladed Wheels for Corrosive Air, Industrial Process Exhaust
SQB Square Fans
Fans combine the “B” wheel with the capability of exhausting dirty industrial process air, and Chicago’s versatile square housing. Temperatures to 650°F.
BI Industrial Fans
Design 10A fans are for high volume clean air and most light industrial applications. Single or double width, construction classes I-III. Temperatures to 800°F.
PBI Packaged Fans
Designed initially for dust collection applications, the Design 64 provides a choice of 12 fan sizes and comes with a 3-year warranty (an industry 1st). Temperatures to 200°F.
High Pressure Backward Curved
An industrial backward curved fan available as a pre-engineered fan line, the HPBC delivers the reliability of a custom designed fan at the price and lead time of a standard production fan. The wheel uses heavy backward curved blades designed to handle dusty and harsh environments. Temperatures to 800°F.
Packaged Backward Curved Fan
Chicago Blower's New PBC fan is a pre-engineered packaged fan, but with the performance capabilities of our heavy duty design 5500 and 5800 backward curved custom fans. With the credibility of an established design, customers can be confident that the PBC will run trouble free for many years.
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