Shaping Solutions - page 2-3

At Chicago Blower, our broad capabilities
allow us to ALWAYS provide youwith
themost durable and reliable
fans and blowers. Our engineering
andmanufacturing departments
work together under one roof to
produce a premium quality product
with optimum performance.
We are setting the industry standard for
offering themost reliable products and
dependable fan service. From designing
and fabricating to performance testing
and field supervision, we follow your fan
throughout each stage of its existence.
At Chicago Blower, we are shaping
solutions for your specific air
moving requirements.
Fromwind tunnels inSpain to grain
drying systems in India, we takeon
the challenge to provide you
with the best airmovingproduct for
your specific application.
We are actively involved in countless
industries across theglobe, andare
consistently creating new solutions for
any airmoving requirements.
With FEAAnalysis, CFDAnalysis,
and 3Dmodeling, we continue to
beone stepaheadof the competition
by designing our productswith in-
novativeandenergy efficient concepts.
Our vast experienceand reliable
engineering performancehaveallowed
us to utilize the latest technology
andprovide youwith leading
industrial products
“We have had this Chicago Blower in service since themid 80's and for the past
11 years we have been running the blower near 24 hour, 7 days aweek condi-
tions. The blower is used to deliver hot air to our manufacturing oven. It is nice
to have a quality built piece of equipment to rely on to keep us up and running.”
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